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The most used social networking site in the world, Facebook does something new to maintain the interest of its users. The stylish sticker or any other feature, as well as the interest of the users, continues to introduce new tools. At the same time, a new feature tool can be seen on Facebook soon. So far, where any posts and other reactions were given, the user will still be able to 'downvote' the non-coming content.

Where is It Now Tested For Countries?

Facebook's 'downvote' button is being tested. This test is currently available in US states only. A member of The Daily Beast shared some screenshots with information about this new Facebook tool. In this screenshot, there are 3 buttons for Likes, Reply and downvote with the comments posted on the post. It is worth noting that with the comments till now only the Likes and Reply buttons came.

Why Downvotes?

Let me tell you that for a long time, there has been a demand for bringing dislike button with Like on Facebook. But Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has clarified on this issue that a dislike button will not be brought on Facebook because it can disturb anyone from anyone.

What Downvote Says?

At the same time, Facebook has cleared the "downvote" button saying that this button is present on any comments not received on any photo or post. As a result, downvoting comments on that post, Facebook can be told that the comment is inappropriate, rude, and misleading.

The Facebook spokesman said that the company is not testing any kind of display button. The downvote button will only serve to give feedback on public posts and comments on them. Significantly, this button is only present for testing in the US. Whether or not the downvote button will be released to the common users, this time nothing can be said.