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Google is now coming out with Accelerated Mobile Pages for Gmail, that is, the developer preview of AMP. For your information, let us know that Google AMP pages were designed to load new articles quickly on mobile. Email will be used for modern when AMP arrives. How will this happen, what will the users benefit from and what does AMP pages mean? Know about all these:

What is AMP?

AMP is specially designed for mobile. It has the ability to give users a better and new experience of email. The capabilities of AMP have already gone up and now it has become one of the best ways to create great web pages.

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AMP is an open source framework. With this help, any page can be converted into a mobile friendly page. The need to create a mobile friendly page is because most users only consume content on mobile. AMP works like an application that allows any web page to be mobile friendly. This opens web page fast / fast on user's mobile. Load time is also less. This does not require users to wait more than loading a page, video, audio, PDF etc because AMP makes it light.

What will be the benefit of the users?

1. Website load time will be less

Whenever a user clicks a link on mobile, the page takes time to load according to its content. Like - if the link to the video opens, it will take more time, just open the content, then it will take a little less time. Reduces page load time by AMP. This means that access to websites and content on mobile becomes easy.

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2. Data consumption will be less

If page load time is less then it will not affect your data consumption even if it does not have much effect. That is, no matter how surfing you are now, you will have to wait a little while, your data from above will also be a little less consumed than before.

3. User experience will be better

When using any thing, the most important is the user experience. Whether you buy a new dress or eat a meal in a new restaurant or surf the mobile. Everyone wants to get the best experience of their work. AMP does exactly the same. This gives users a better experience from surfing to watching videos and reading content on websites.

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How will Gmail be special after AMP

After AMP arrives in Gmail, users will have a new and interactive experience to use email:

- Now users will be able to complete new tasks in email

- Users will not have to go anywhere except the Gmail app or website. Now all the work can be done by app or inside the website.

For users, Google is in the process of getting this feature in the future.