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Google has released a new update for its search app. You will now be able to search for flights and hotels by booking on Google. 
You do not need to keep the app separately for this. Along with the new updates, you will also see the best price. Please note that Google has recently released updates for its flights search engine which will provide information on cheap flights, basic economy fair and flight delays.

What is Search For Flights Google?

Now when you search for flights and hotels in Google search, you will find multiple windows that will get you information about available flights and hotels. After the next few days, clicking on the search result can also be made by airplane tickets and hotel booking. For search, you need to find out where you want a ticket and what kind of hotel you want to be searching about. At the same time, after the search, the booking can be done by clicking on the Flight tab in the open tab.

What Features You Get Into?

While searching, you will also find other options which will appear on the left corner of the search screen. Apart from this, in another tab, you will get the results named "Your Trips" by clicking on which you will be able to get information about the hotel. Plus you will also be able to see the hotel history booked earlier. Newly upgraded Android and iOS have been released for both platforms. The advantage of this will be that you will not need to keep any other app in the phone for the hotel and the flight.