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How good would it be, if you give the rights to access your gmail someone others, without sharing the password. You can grant access to your Gmail account by adding many delegates. These persons can read, send, and delete messages for yours.  You will be happy to know that Delegates Feature of Gmail convenience to do this. By help this, you may allow to access your Regular Account to the 10 delegates and with the Office Account, 25 delegates have the freedom to access. If you want to disable access to your account for delegates, then go to account and import in settings.

What Delegates can Do with your Account?

  • They can Send Messages with your Gmail and even delete them.
  • They also have the freedom to manage Gmail contents. But when they send messages from your Gmail, their Gmail also display there.
  •  In Addition, they could not make the changes in settings and not able to make Chats with someone.

How to Add Delegates

First go to the Settings of Gmail.

Here you found an Option “Grand to Access Your Account”. Click on it and Choose “Add Another Account”.

Here a New window will Open, in this you need to fill Email Address which you want Permit to access your account.

Now Click to the next step button.

Now click “Send email to grant access”.

A confirm message will be go to the Delegate’s Address. And he need to confirm the email.

After this a message will show to the delegate that “It may take 30 minutes for the verification to complete. Then you can view and sent messages behalf of @gmail.com”.

In after 30 minutes, now the delegates can use your Email address without any password require.