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Some features in Android smartphones are so awesome that you probably will not know. One such feature is Trusted Place Feature. With this help you can lock the phone with a password, pin or pattern. The most important thing is that your phone will lock itself on an unknown location and unlock itself. You can enable this feature in your phone such as:

1. Go to your phone's settings first.

2. Here you will get the security option available.

3. Now in the Security you will get a Smartlock option, click on it.

4. As soon as smartlock will turn on you will see the option of Trusted Place, select it.

5. The Google Map will be enabled as soon as the Trusted Place service is turned on.

6. Now select your Trusted Place on the map i.e. Choose where you want to unlock the phone.

7. As soon as this feature is enabled your trusted feature will be active.

8. Now as soon as you come in your safe area like home etc., any passwords or patterns that are inserted will be automatically disabled and whenever the password or pattern will lock the phone itself whenever there is an unknown place outside the home.

It is worth noting that in some Android fonts, the option of Trusted Place can not be found in the lock-in lock screen in the menu.