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To avoid tracking-hacking, today everyone wants privacy during online activities. No one wants to open about their activities and location. In such a situation, VPN i.e. virtual private network can be an option. Nowadays everyone has their own online identity. Other important data are also available online with online banking, Aadhar card, PAN card, personal photos, social media profile. In such a situation, today everyone is looking for a secure network, which is difficult to hack or track. In this case VPN can be an option. Let's know about some such free VPN ...

What is VPN?

VPN means virtual private network It is commonly used for network security. It adds an additional security layer on the public network such as the Internet or Private Network and hides your actual identity. It makes it difficult to know or track about you. During VPN, your device's location changes in Internet Surfing. By staying in India, it also connects to any one of the servers in the UK, France, Japan, Korea etc. Your IP address, which is also called the identity of the Internet, also changes. It makes it difficult to track or hack your device.

Why is VPN important?

If you are not involved in any criminal activity, then using VPN can prove useful to you. Especially at such times when you use public Wi-Fi, where data is theft or the possibility of hacking is the highest. Many times the offices have many sites on the Internet. In such a situation, you can not see those content. But when necessary, you can open these sites on your computer with the help of VPN. Today, hundreds of free online VPN services are available. Opera browser features built-in VPN, which is absolutely free.

TunnelBeer can be a good option for a free VPN service. It facilitates access to the block site as well as keeping the privacy secure. Reducing the risk of online tracking hides your IP address, so public Wi-Fi also has the option of secure browsing. It has a facility to connect to 20 private network networks. It's a lightweight Chrome browser extension. Its free and paid versions are available.


This Chrome extension not only claims Secure connections, but also gives the option of easily switching between different locations with unlimited bandwidth. Here, you can access 700 servers and 10 virtual location in the country, can show the location of our online activities in Canada, Japan, Sweden, America, UK etc. It uses encryption of 4096 bit, which is almost twice the banking standard. With this help, any block can unlock the website and keep itself safe on public Wi-Fi. It provides IP addresses of 12 countries, so you can keep your privacy safe.

Hotspot Shield:

The use of this VPN tool is easy. This allows the use of different virtual locations. In addition, it keeps your IP address and location hidden from the website and online trackers. With this help, any proxy website can be opened, without any software installation. It keeps all private and public browsing activities encrypted.
Zen Mate:

This is also a free VPN service. It not only locks all types of trackers, but also keeps your public network secure. It will also allow access to geo-blocking content. It gives an option to hide the IP address with encrypting all the traffic, which can hide your identity and surf online. Here in the Smart Location feature, the location automatically changes according to the website. Premium service facilitates connecting more locations with good speed.


There is no need to login here and it is also easy to use. It keeps your privacy secure in the online world. With this help, any block site can be easily opened. This allows you to automatically identify your location and connect to the closest server.
Hoxx VPN Proxy:

It allows to access any block site with its location hiding during online activities. It's free and there are around 100 servers worldwide. No special configuration is required for use.

How can VPN use?

It is easy to use VPN service. First you have to decide which VPN is going to use. Then visit that VPN provider's website, you will find detailed information there. The setup will go to the first network settings.
Windows 10 - Settings> Network & Internet
Mac OS - System Preferences> Network
Android- Settings> More ...
IOS- Settings> General
After configuring the settings given by the VPN provider, you have to set up your authentication details, user name and password accordingly.
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