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Google Play Store is a very important platform for all of us. You can download or update apps from Google Play Store. At the same time, on Google Play Store you have often seen that there are so many apps with the same name. In such a case, it is difficult to decide which one is defective and which is original.
By downloading the Fake App, your time and data will be wasted, and it can also be a risky for your smartphone. Not only this, some of these apps also contain viruses that can misuse your personal information in your device. If you want to avoid such an app then you have to know which app is real and which fake

Check Publisher

Users should take care of the app publisher of the app. First of all, you see who is the publisher of this app. Sometimes the name of the publisher of the Fake App is similar to the original app. Sometimes hackers make those names lightly tweet or put them in the same name. Where Lo C eat cheating and download the wrong app. That's why you should read their names correctly.

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Read Customer Review

Be sure to read the reviews of the customers before downloading any type of app, whether it's a fakes or real. If there is any kind of damage to downloading the app then it will be read in the review about this. In the review, if you have negative words about the app, then understand that it is not the original app.

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Date of Publication

Most of the time it has been seen that the publication date of the Fake App is just a few days earlier. Do not download it if the date is long ago. If the app has been released recently, read the news on the Tech website. If there is no news then do not download that app by mistake.

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Spelling mistakes

There are definitely spelling errors in the Fake App. These apps are made by copying, and in this case, the spellings are made to make a very light difference, which is not easily accessible to the user's eyes.