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While working on a computer or laptop, we all want that we have a separate drive, so that any file can be easily searchable. In this way, we have brought you a trick through which you can create a separate drive (disk management) by shrinking your data. 

For example: If you have a drive whose capacity is 200 GB, it has 80 GB data filled in it and the remaining 120 GB is empty. In such a situation, you can shrink 100 GB data and convert it to a new drive. By doing this you will have two drives of 100 GB.

How to Partition Hard Disk?

1- First click Start and type diskmgmt.msg. Your Sane Disk Management window will open.

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2- Here you will see all your drives. Select one of these drives, which you have to shrink. To shrink, the drive should have free space. Right click on the drive to shrink it. After this select the shrink volume. Let the process complete.

3- Here you will see the current drive. Now enter as much space as you want free. This space should not be larger than the disk size. After this tap the shrink button.

4- You will see unallocated space in a disk management window. Right click on it and select New Simple Volume.

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5- Now the new Simple Volume Wizard window will open. Tap on Next here.

6- Now the second page will be open, you need to enter the volume size here. After this tap on next.

7- Now you have to name the drive. You can select letter from right here.

8- Now the Format Partition page will open in front of you. Here you have to select NTFS in the file system and add the name of the new drive. Then click next button.

9- Now you have to tap the Finish button.

10- Similarly you can increase the size of the drive.