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A new feature was introduced for users in recent times on Facebook-owned Instagram. These features will be visible to you in the account of activity status.
This feature works exactly like Facebook and Whatsapp. Through this feature, you can see the last activity time of the users you are following or the users whom you have messaged in the app. But if you do not want your followers to look at your last activity status, then this news may be useful for you. 

But here it is important to note that after closing your active state, you will not be able to see any other activity status of another user. So you know how to disable your Instagram Activity States.

How to Hide Instagram Stories

> Go to your device and tap on the Instagram app. Your account must be logged in.

> Tap on your profile icon.

> After going to your profile page you will see three dot on the top right. Tap on these dots.

> A page will open before you. Here you will see many options. On this page you will see Show Activity Status option.

> Show Activity Status by default is enabled. After disabling it, your activity status will not be seen.

In this ways you can also disable Show Activity Status.