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Typically, all devices including computers and mobile phones are assigned with a numeric label. It is called Internet Protocol (IP Address) on behalf of Internet Service Providers. In the words of the common man, it is similar to a physical address, which you can see online, not offline. At the same time nothing is safe on the internet unless you take any concrete steps to protect it.

Occasionally, when you surf a website, you can see your location in front. With this, when you visit his site, he can track your activity. To avoid all these, you can hide your IP address. Here we will tell you how you can protect your IP address.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects your data online with encryption. Along with this, your traffic redirects through a different server, which is safe for you. Apart from this, there are several paid and free VPNs available online, which you can choose at your convenience. There is also a proxy in it. This is an integral hub through which your IP address is hid when processing Internet queries.

Update router and firewall

Generally, the router takes data between the network and your firewall prevents unauthorized access coming from outside. In this situation, always remember to change the administrative password of your router. Because most default passwords can be easily searched online. Passwords made available on your ISP can also be easily searched online.

Avoid Anonymous Proxy Server

These are the servers that act as a mediator between the home network and the Internet. Typically, these proxy servers request data from you to use your IP instead of your IP address. In this way, hackers servers notice your proxy's IP address.

Proxy Tools

There are several tools available for both premium and free on the Internet that support a proxy server. Along with this, change your private settings so that people you do not know can not call you.