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Google's Developer Conference I / O 2017, Google launches new Android version 'O'. After that the first developer preview of Android O was presented on March 21. Users will get an opportunity to take advantage of many special and new features in Android O. In it you will find many features like Picture-to-Picture, Notification Dots, Autofill with Google and Smart Text Selection. Apart from this, the feature 'O' has some features in terms of safety. 

At the same time, the company has included new developer tools and new programming language in Android O.

However, let's tell you that Android O will support only some Nexus and Pixel devices, including Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel C and Pixel XL. Apart from this, it is not available in other smartphones. But it is hoped that the company can also make it available on some other devices, including Moto Z2 Play, Moto Z, Galaxy S8 Plus, S7 Edge, LG V20, G6, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia XZs and Xperia XA may be included.

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If you just want to download Android O and take advantage of its features, then you have to follow some tips. But before that you need to back up the data of your smartphone. So that your data is safe during downloading and installing the new OS. To back up, click on the backup and reset option in the phone's settings.

How to Install Download And Install Android O
Android O is currently available in the Developer version and you can use it as a developer. To become a developer, first click on the About phone section at the bottom of your smartphone's settings, where you will get a build number. Click on it 7 consecutive times, after which you will become a magical developer. Then you will get new options in the popup in the last menu called developer options. Click on it. Be sure to complete the process to have both "OEM unlocking" and "USB debugging" option in your phone.

ADB installer download

For this you have to download the 15 second ADB installer on your computer. Which is essential for communicating in your computer and with this help you will be able to send new Android O software. Run after downloading this program. Then a window will open that asks you to install ADB and Fastboot. For this click on the Yes button. Then the install will be open and your PC will restart to reboot when complete.

Image file in system

Once downloaded, Android O images will be downloaded to your system. Those that you have to shift from your hard drive to a different location. Right click for it and use .zip by clicking on unzip there.

Flash Android O in your device

Connect your phone to the computer for this. There you will need to start the fastboot mode. After this, in the Nexus 6P, the volume down and power buttons will have to be clicked together. At the same time, the same process has to be adopted in Nexus 5X, Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL and Google Pixel C. After booting into an R fastboot mode, your PC will have a folder open where you will see an image of Android O. Click on those folders until the flash-all.bat. File not appearing. After this double click to install.
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If you are having trouble following this process, you can download and install the public beta version of Android O and Android One can be easily downloaded with Google's Android Beta program. The program will receive new Android operating system OTA updates in the Innerol device. First of all for:

1. The consumer has to go to the Android Beta program and go there. After that, if your device is capable of supporting the Android O public version, then click on the link of the Innerol device. After doing OK on a link below that page, click the Join Beta button.

2. After this you will receive a message pop up that will tell you that your device has been inoplicated and will soon receive an OTA update of the Android beta version. Click on OK button on it. This update will be received in about 24 hours. If not, you can also check it manually.

3. To manually check the OTA update, connect the device to the Internet and then go to the tunes from the phone and click on Update on check for the given system updates. After checking the notification manually in the phone, if an update has been received, the two option letters and downloads will appear there. Click on download from these.

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4. Your smartphone will restart automatically after the install and download process is complete.