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Many smartphone users use memory cards in their phones. Actually, there are so many apps and data available in the users' phones, which makes the phone's storage very fast. In such a case, the memory card is used to increase the storage. Given the need of users, many large electronic companies are launching microSD card with a lot of storage in the market.

Fake memory cards

Users buy branded memory cards from the market to expand storage, but do you know that there are openly sold fake memory cards in the market at this time. 

Shopkeepers sell these cards as real and people do not even know it. If you put fake memory cards in the phone, you will not only get enough storage, but also keep the danger of phone deletion. Apart from this, mobile processing power also decreases. Here we are going to tell you some tips, through which you can easily identify the difference between real and fake MicroSD card.

Buy Pack Memory Cards Only-

Let us know that shopkeepers sell fake memory cards only after realizing it. But if you want to avoid this fraud, never buy unpacked open memory card. More than 70 percent of the cards in the market are sold without packs, most of them are fake

Print on card-

The name of the brand written on the real memory card is clearer printed, whereas the simulated memory card is slightly spread and unsightly. This difference of the print can be identified by looking at carefully.

To identify fake memory cards, take note of this, it has the ability to store fewer data than the storage capacity described in it. Meaning if the memory card is 16GB then it will have the capacity to store 12GB data.

The biggest identity of the real memory card is that the name of the brand is always clear printed on it, whereas if the memory card is fake, then it is slightly spread out and a bit crappy. You can recognize this difference of prints by looking carefully.

2 Step to Understand Better If is it Fake or Not

 1. Format the storage device

Whenever you buy a memory card, pen drive, hard disk, whether it is online or offline, firstly format the device, it will be 2,3 times less than what if your storage device is fake or thrown in, it is in its original size. It means that the size of your storage will decrease, if the size of the storage device does not decrease, if the size remains fixed, then this means that the PenDrive memory card hard disk Real.

2. Save Data to Storage Devices

The second step by which you can detect fake memory card Hard Disk and PenDrive If you buy a storage device, always try to complete full data storage in the storage device, such as if your pendrive is 32 GB then less than Store 20 data if it stores 20 GB data, it means that it is a real device and if it can not store such data then its This means that it is a fake device because the fake pen drive memory card can not store as much data as it is shown.