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We use different passwords for all web services. By the way, you would make difficult passwords for yourself, but do you know how secure these passwords are? Or have you tried to know if your password has ever been hacked? Answers to this question can be found by Pwned Passwords. This is a website that has been created by Security Expert Troy Hunt. Troy Hunt has compiled a list of all the passwords that have been hacked sometime.

How to check password is secure or not?

Through this website, users will know that their password has never been hacked or not. For this, users will have to go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/Passwords this link. After that, they have to enter their password in the space given below. If you have good news - no pwnage found! If your message comes up then your password is absolutely safe. Right there, oh no! If the Pwned Message comes in Red Color then you need to change your password.

Users can protect their passwords through these tips:

1. Do not use easy password like birth date, your name, 12345 etc.

2. When using Password, always use Captill Letter, Small Letter, Special Character and Numbers.

3. Never share your password with anyone.

4. Do not use the same password for each of your IDs.