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Do you know that a message can be sent to the voice of the girl through the smartphone. This message can be sent via WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Bluetooth, Sharit. For this, users must download the Translator Women's Voice app from the Google Play Store. This is a free app and users can use it in any language. Whatever language users want to use it, they just have to choose that language. Let us know that it is also very easy to use.

How to use The Translator Women's Voice app?
1. First download and install this app from Google Play Store.

2. Then open the app. Here you will be asked for permission to access photos, media and files. Allow it

3. The interface of this app is quite easy. Now select the language you want to send the message to.
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4. Now type the message you want to send. You can listen to the message before sending. Tap the second button below for this.

5. Now click on the right corner button to share it. Below are many options like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Bluetooth, Sharekit.

6. Select the medium you want to send the message to.
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7. Now select the contact. For example, if you are sending messages from WhatsApp, then you want to send a message to anyone, you have to select their contact.

8. After that your message will be sent.