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Almost everyone keeps their important data, photos, videos etc. in their pendrive, but what happens when your pen drive gets corrupted and you have no way to fix it. Do not worry about what happened to you Hey, there is no need to worry now because we have come for you, a way you can recover your corrupt pen drive.

Recover Corrupt Pendrive:

1. Firstly connect your pen drive to the computer.

2. Now go to your computer's Start button and right-click it.
3. There will be some options in which you have to click on the click command prompt.

4. Then a CMD window will open on your PC in which you have to type Diskpart and press enter.

5. Now all the devices connected to your PC will be visible to you here.

6. From here select your pen drive disk and enter it.
(Note: Keep in mind that you are selecting the correct disk number, if it does not happen then your internal hard drive may also be formatted. Check it thoroughly before selecting anything, or if possible, Or note the symbol somewhere.)

8. Now you have to tap on click type and then type the partition primary.

9. Then type activate and then select partition 1.

10. After that type Format FS-FAT32 and enter it.

11. The format process will be completed in just a few minutes.

12. After this, if you want to get a file larger than 4 gigabytes, then type NTFS.

13. Once your memory is formatted, your pen drive will recover.