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How to Recover Deleted Files From Pendrive

1. For this you must first go to the Google Play Store and download the Pandora Recovery software.

2. Open this software after downloading.

3. Now the window that you will open in front of you has to tap on the next option given below. You will open the window of the Terms and Condition before you click on it.
4. After this, once again you will get the next option, click on it.

5. Now you can install the Pandora app in any folder.

6. Connect your pen drive to a computer or laptop. Now click on the icon of the Pandora Recovery software appearing in the system.

7. Now you will see PenDrive option tap on it and then select recovery.

8. After clicking, you will be able to see deleted files from PenDrive.

9. Right click on these files and select recovery. Now select wherever you want to save these files.

10. All the data on your pen drive will be saved in a few minutes.