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The biggest speciality of the smartphone is that many of your work makes it easy. For example, a smartphone, TV, camera, alarm clock, music player, and now even the scanner does the job. The days of need of documents are kept for some urgent work. In this case, scanning the document and saving it in the phone proves to be a big worker.

How to Scan Documents With Smartphone

There are two ways to scan the document. In the first way, users can scan documents through Google Drive. In other ways, documents can be scanned by downloading third party apps.

Do this from Google Drive Scan:

- Click on Google Drive option in your phone
- You will see a sign of + on the screen. Click on it
- After this you will have 6 options. Click Scan option in
- Scan the image by placing the document in a sufficient light.
- Now click on '√' option
- After this the document will be saved in your drive

From here you can also share a document.

Scan from third party app:

- Visit the Google Play Store to download scanning apps like Camscanner.
- After downloading, open the app and sign-in or register.
- After signing in, you will have the option of scanning the document, id and QR code on the Home screen of the app.
- Click on any document to scan it
- After taking a photo, you will see 6 points on the photo. With the help of these, select the document inside the photo and OK.
- Your document will now be scanned. You can also edit your document via filters.
- Clicking '√' will save your scan document. You can also create a PDF file of this document.