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Every one of us uses Google Chrome in the internet web browser and they also want to use it as a fast internet browser.

But Many times users have to face the slow speed of chrome (chrome running slow) in their PC / laptop. To tackle this problem, we are going to tell you some tips, which can help you increase the speed of the Chrome browser (Making a fast Browser).

1- Check for updates:

Check the update in your PC / Laptop, if the update came, install it. This will not support your PC / Laptops Advance but also speed the browser speed. To check the updates, go to the PC / Laptop settings. From here you can check the updates.

2- Remove waste extensions:

Remove the unnecessary extensions of the PC / Laptop. These are small programs that run in PC / Laptop. These extensions slow down the speed of the browser. Open Chrome for removing them. Then click on the three sides which are made on the right side upwards, then go to More tools and then Extensions. Next, remove the extensions you want to remove.

3- Remove the useless plugin:
More plugins also have a lot of impact on the speed. To remove them, type chrome: // plugins / in in the address bar. From here you can turn off the plugin accordingly.

4- Close the Unused tab and browser:
While working on a PC / Laptop, we open several tabs together. Let us know that more tabs are loaded on the browser by running the tab. If you open fewer tabs, then your tab will run well in the same speed.

So with the above small things mention in your mind, you can used to get a better experience of fast internet browser.