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Do you have a passion for becoming James Bond? Are you also fond of sting operation? If so, do you have any SPY gadgets through which you can make videos without knowing anybody. Well let us tell you that such SPY gadgets are quite expensive. This is why we are going to tell you a trick through which you can make a video of anyone who has spent money without knowing it and nobody knows it. Through this trick, your smartphone will turn into an SPY camera.

How To Make Your Phone A SPY Camera

1. For this, first download and install the Secret Video recorder app from Google Play Store. Both this app's trial and paid version are available.

2. Launch the app in the phone and go to Preferences. Here you have to do some settings like video quality, storage location etc. If you download the free version, there will be some settings that you can not change such as video quality 320X240 and video length 1 minute.

3. After this an option will be given show toast, enable it. You will get notifications when the video starts.

4. After this you will be given another option. Here you can select the icon of your app.
5. Then launch this app and record video. Let us know that the recording will start with the volume up button and the recording will stop from the volume down button.

So what's the matter of late? You can download this app and record any video to anyone without even knowing it.