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So far on Instagram, users could only secretly record others' stories or take screenshots. The front did not even know what's going with his profile, but it is going to change now. The sooner the name of the people who took the Instagram screenshot is to reveal the name.
Instagram Is Testing a Creep Alert That Will Tell You if Someone Took a Screenshot of Your Story
In fact, a new feature is going to come from the Instagram, which will give notifications to users when they take screenshots of the stories. However, this feature will take time to come because it is being developed now.

According to the report of The Independent, if someone takes a screenshot of your stories, then its name will appear in the story view section with the Sun-shaped Symbol.
In addition to empowering users and advertisers recently, Facebook-owned Instagram has launched 'Type Mode' and 'Carousel AIDS' for 'Stories'. With 'Type Mode', users will be able to share Tex with different styles and backgrounds.

At the same time, the 'Carousel AIDS' feature will allow advertisers to give three different media with 'Everybody' of 'Stories', which was only one before.
The company wrote in a blog post, "We are launching type mode in 'Stories', it's a new way to share ideas with creative text styles and banking gauges, for which no photo or video is required. Will be. ' These features are available for both iOS and Android devices.