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Everyone likes to listen to songs. Songs are very important for many people, whether they are traveling or sitting at home, they like listening to music. Every emotion can be expressed through music. 
Music is a language that can touch anyone's heart. People who like to listen to music, they always want to be up-to-date with new songs. Whenever a new song is released, we try to understand them or remember their lyrics. If there are lyrics with songs, then it becomes easy to understand them. But this is not possible with an existing music player in Android phones. This is why we are going to tell you about a music player app.

1. For this you need to first download and install the Musixmatch app in your Android smartphone.
2. After installing this app in the phone you will be asked to enable the features of Lyrics. Here you have to tap on Enabled Now.

3. After this you will be asked for permission to access a notification. Let it be ok to you.
4. Now you have to give a permit to access your Music Library. If you fix it, you will get to see your music list in this app.

5. After this, whenever you play songs through this app you will also see lyrics of songs.