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NFC, we call it Near Field Communication, this is a wireless radio communication technology, which allows users to use NFC tags that triggers the function on their smartphones.

What is NFC?

This technique is also used in Google's daydream platform, in which the controller is connected to the phone, and when you put your compatible phone inside the daydream view headset, the daydream app starts automatically.

However not all smartphones come with NFC support. Now if that's the case then here is a question that how we know about whether NFC support is in our phone or not. Let us get information about this today.

Check it out with the help of a third-party app

You can also check this through third party apps, for that you have to do this through some free apps on the Google Play Store.

How to Find out your Missing Laptop

Let us know that you have to download a free app called NFC Easy Connect by visiting the Google Play Store, as soon as you do, this app will be installed on your phone and as soon as you open it The phone will give you information about whether it supports NFC or not.