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Most smartphone users use Android phones and prefer to download a variety of free games and apps from the Google Play Store. But many times users have trouble downloading the app when using Google Play Store. When downloading the app, either Google Play Store crashes or tells an array. Many users ignore it due to calling, internet work, but many users also report a serious problem if they do not have an app downloaded. In such a situation, users get upset and take their phones to the service center. We are going to tell you in your news about how in these 5 ways you can get solution only by sitting at home with this problem.

1. Google Account Reset:

If you are experiencing crashes in the Google Play Store, then first you have to reset your Google Account. For this, first of all will have to go to the settings of the phone. Removing the account by clicking on the option of account. After that restart your smartphone This can solve your problem.

2. Factory Data Reset:

If Google Play Store is unable to work properly even after resetting the account, then Android phone can reset factory data.

3. Play Store Update:

Sometimes it happens that due to the old version of the Play Store, it stops working, and users start having problems downloading the app. In this case, you should update to the new version of your Google Play Store so that you can get a solution to this problem.

4. Cache data Clear:

Cache data is collected when the app downloads more from the Google Play Store. This means that the processor of the smartphone starts slowing down and there is a problem opening up many apps. For this, go to All Tabs and select Google Framework and clear the data.

5. Do this on Error Code 491:

While downloading an application, if the error code 491 is coming to Google Play Store, then your play store will not be updated and no application will be downloaded. In such a situation, you have to hardboot your Android smartphones to get out of this problem. By pressing the power of the phone and the volume down or up button to hardboot, select the reboot system and then press the Volume button.