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A smartphone or a Windows PC is the most used Chrome browser for Internet surfing. There are many such features in the Chrome browser, which can make it more smart by using it. You have an Android phone or Windows PC. Today, most Chrome browsers are used for internet surfing. 
Google's Chrome browser is very easy to use and works fast. This is the reason why people also use the Chrome browser, despite having a different browser on mobile. But you do not know that this browser is not only fast and easy, but also quite smart. There are many such features which have been presented in a little hide away. Using these features, you can make your Chrome browser even more smart.

Incognito mode:

This feature of Chrome is very useful for you. If you use someone else's PC, another phone or internet café to use the internet, then it will never want to see anybody else's history of who you have searched for. In such a situation, you can resort to the Incognito mode. This feature will be found in the Browser's menu. It is also known as Private Browsing. Go to the menu for private browsing in the Chrome browser. In this, only the second option will be available in Incognito mode.
Do not track:

Perhaps you will not know that Google tracks the surfaces you surf in mobile or PC. However, this track is for your betterment so that Google can serve better services for you. If you do not want anyone to track what you are using on the Chrome browser, then you can use du not track. To enable it, go to the browser settings and choose the privacy tab. There will be an option to do not track.

Offline page save:

This is a very special service of the Chrome browser. Without this, the internet can also read the save page offline. Although the service is not in offline name in the Chrome browser, you will have to compile a little bit. You will have to open the page online and save it in PDF. First, go to the menu for this. The print option will appear there, click it. The PDF option will come when the print command is given. You save it. You can also save it in the internal memory or MicroSD card. You can zoom in and read PDF file and share it.
Offline Games:
If you do not have internet on your desktop or mobile, then you will have big annoyance. But after today you probably will not do this, but the internet will shut down if you stop. You can play dinosaur game on mobile or PC on a Chrome browser. This is an offline game that will come when the internet is off. It is quite easy to play and also fun.

Turn Off Location:

Many websites and apps track your location during internet usage so that the services you need can be made available to you near you. If you do not want anyone to track your location, you can also turn it off. For this, go to the browser menu. From there, choose the setting. Here you will find this option in priyasi.
Data Saver:
This service is especially special for mobile. In this you work on the mobile network, where you have limited data. In such a way, you can save a lot of data through a data saver. At the bottom of the Google Chrome browser settings, you will see the option of Data Saver. Turn it on This will also make your browsing a little faster.


In mobile you use pinch to zoom, but you do not get this option on the desktop. However, the browser can enable it. For this, you have to go to the browser settings. Choose accessibility from there. There will be the option of Force Zoom, turn it on. However, now the desktop can be zoomed in and zoomed out from the mouse on the desktop and the trackpad on the laptop.

Direct search:

Do you know that while surfing the page on Chrome, Google can be searched. There is no need to open separate tabs for this. If you are on a page and search the word which is to be searched, keep it on for some time. At the same time, the word will come with the Google people below. You can also search the Google logo while still on the same page. This search comes down in half. This feature of Chrome browser makes search easier.