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By presenting new technology in the phone, the phone makers tell themselves better than others. Now the 18: 9 display has arrived. See, how much of your work it is? The days of fast-changing technology continue to change. Last year, we saw the rising demand of dual cameras and from the flagship to the budget phones, during this time another trend, which is growing rapidly in the smartphone world, is the Bezelless Display. Just like the dual camera, the bezelless display was available in the flagship phones, but gradually it is now also seen in the budget phones. 

There is a screen with a mostly 18: 9 aspect ratios in the bezelless display. Now it is important to know that what will be the change in the experience of using your smartphone from this display?

18: 9 Display Screen Specifications

Large display, small size: 

18: 9 In the phone with aspect ratios, you get a bigger screen. Both sides and up-down bejels are very thin or not in this kind of screen. Because of this kind of display now In the small 5.5 inch and 16: 9 aspect ratios screen size, you will get 6 inch and 18: 9 aspect ratios. Such people, who do not like big phones, Will lead not to compromise the small display! Now they also enjoy the large screen in the phone's small size.

Better multitasking
Built in version 7.0 and above, built-in split mode comes with this mode. With the help of this mode, splitting the screen into two parts can be used simultaneously, two apps can be used at the same time. 18: 9 Aspect ratio, The display is doubled in length compared to its width. This is why this type of screen is easily divided into two equal parts and you will be able to easily access two apps.

Low data consumption: 

Almost all applications and web sites are used by scrolling from top to bottom. Now due to the 18: 9 aspect ratio, more content can be seen in the same frame. This means that you can see the bar Do not have to scroll the screen twice, which will also reduce the consumption of your data. For those people who prefer to read large articles or e-books on the phone, the phone with this screen will be of great interest. Will be savings.

Better Virtual Reality Experience: 

The 18: 9 display is considered to be good in terms of virtual reality. In the aspect ratio, the screen is divided into the side-by-side view, so that your right eye can be seen on the screen on the right and the left eye screen And you also get more content from the 16: 9 aspect ratios screen

Difficulties with the display

Litterboxing is a big problem: 

where all apps, games and videos are not created in terms of 18: 9 aspect ratios. In such a way, you get litterboxing (i.e. you see black strips on either side of the landscape mode) when you use them on the screen with this aspect ratio. At the same time, some phones will stretch the interface of the app and show them on the full screen. In this way the content of the app's edges is not clear.

On-screen button: 

Besides the increase of the display, the location of the top and bottom bezel is also reduced in addition to mobile side bezel. For this reason, the lower portion of the phone saves less space and there is no space for the capacitive button. In such cases, buttons are provided on the phone's screen. Some screen portion of the screen decreases with the on-screen button.

Not to be compatible with camera resolution: 

The screen of the mobile may be 18: 9, but the camera does not come in the aspect ratio given by the camera. For example, the Galaxy S8's 12 MP rear camera, but its aspect ratio is 4: 3. The difference in the camera app will show that you will see black bars on both sides of the image. If you take photos in the 18.5: 9 aspect ratios and see the image on the whole screen, then the resolution of the photo remains 9.7 MP.

Difference between screen size and screen area: 
If you compare mobile with 5.7 inches screen of 5.7 inches screen of 16: 9 aspect ratios and 5: 7 aspect ratio of 18: 9 aspect ratios, then the 16: 9 display has more screen area. Screen Size is measured by the length of the mobile length. With this, mobile-making companies keep the screen size lighter when making phones. Thus, if your hands are long, then there is no problem. But if your hands are small, then using the 18: 9 aspect ratios screen will not be easy for you and you will have trouble reaching your fingers to the display corners.