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If you are thinking about selling your smartphone then it is very important to know some things. Everyone sells a factory while selling a smartphone, so that your personal data is not recoverable. But do you know that by simply resetting the factory it is not necessary that someone will not be able to recover your data. In this way, we are going to tell you a trick, through which no one will be able to recover your deleted data.

1. Before you sell the phone, you first log out of Gmail and all the services in the smartphone.

2. After this, the smartphone will have an option to encrypt the smartphone in smartphone settings. From here you can encrypt your data.

3. In such a way, if your phone's data is recovered then it will be encrypted. Nobody will be able to read it.

4. After the encryption, reset the factory to the phone. Keep in mind that this should be a clean wipe. It will be difficult for people to recover your data after doing this.
5. You can also use the app for this. One such app is unreal anti-theft app. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. Through this all the data of the smartphone can be deleted.

6. At the same time if you want double security, save the junk files in the phone after reset. And then encrypt the files again. After this factory reset.
7. In such a case if there is any duplication in your phone, it will only get junk files.