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2.5D Curved Glass
Often you compare your new smartphone to the old smartphone. In this you mention the processor, RAM and memory, in which the technology has changed. Mentioned that the screen also mentioned that the display has already grown and the resolution also got better. But have you ever noticed glass? What type of glass was used in the old phone and which glass is used in the new phone?

So let me tell you that the glass technology has also changed a lot. In the old phone where the flat screen was used, today's phone is expensive or cheaper, most of the phones use 2.5 d of the curved glass. In recent days, you may have heard a lot about this glass technique. But what is the idea of ​​2.5D best quality and what are its advantages? No! So let's tell you some specific things about the 2.5 d perfume glass.

What is 2.5D Curve Glass
2.5D Curved Glass
The 2.5D Curved Display is not used to make the screen shiny or sharp, but it is a part of the design and it is used to make the phone beautiful. First of all, what is the Curved?It means is Cradle or slightly winding . Just like half moon or palm is not flat, it is curved. Glass is slightly curved in the corner of the screen where the display touches the body.

This Curved is up to 2.5D. At the same time in the 2.5D, the word "D" marks the Dimometer. In fact, if your phone's screen is 2.5D curved, it means that its corner is curved 2.5 dimometer. While in the ordinary screen the corners are absolutely flat and sharp. These corners are also called technical colloquial language and in scientific language, you can call Contard Age as Contour line. Since the full display of the phone is not curved, in such cases, it can not be identified with simple eyes. If you look at where the screen and body are found then you will find that the display is slightly curved. Some phones now also use 3D glasses. 3D curved glass will be more expensive than 2.5 D.

When 2.5D Came Into Being
2.5D Curved Glass
In the mobile phone, the 2.5D Curved display started with expensive phones but now it has been made available in very low budget phones and this is why it is quite discussed today. In 2011, Nokia launched the Lumia 800 model. This phone, which runs on Microsoft Windows Phone OS, used the first 2.5-D good glass display for the first time. After Nokia, Samsung used it in its Galaxy Note 4 and later seen in the Google Nexus device.
Advantages of 2.5D Curved Glass
2.5D Curved Glass
The 2.5D perfume glass is used to improve touch realization. When you hold the phone, the screen will not touch anywhere in the palm. You will have a better feeling. During swipe and touch, finger fingers will not be in the body but will go out of the screen. Curve display helps the phone makers keep the phone small and thin despite the big screen. Because the phone will hold you from the back, then the curved display comes slightly above the screen body and the hand does not seem to be on the screen. As a result of the body curved screen today, Edge to aage display has been possible in the phone.
Some Experts consider 2.5D Curved glasses a bit stronger than ordinary screen. Because the process of making the screen curved is very strong and the normal screen will break into this process. That's why the karwad is considered strong. Despite having many special properties, a large reduction of 2.5 d of the curved glass is said to be a bit difficult to screen guard on it. There are no guards until the corner.