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Google's Video Streaming App YouTube Go has now become available in 130 countries worldwide. In the matter of video search, one of the biggest Company, YouTube, launched the version of the water app in September 2016. Its first beta version was introduced in India in April last year. The main goal of introducing YouTube Go was to give an option of offline viewing in the fast-growing market and reach the next-generation smartphone users worldwide.

Introducing new features

After its new expansion, Google has introduced new features in YouTube GO. These changes have been done to give users a better experience of watching videos even after unnecessary connectivity.

• In the first transition, users will be able to download, stream and share videos in high quality.

• This change will be used more when the user is connected to high-speed Wi-Fi or data network. Let me tell you here that if you select High Quality Video you will need more storage than basic or standard quality. However, after this new change, the difference between youtube and youtube go is definitely low.

• In addition, a feature has come in the YouTube go-app. In this, a swap will be personalized to the content on the home screen.

• With this, whenever your favorite channel edits any video, you will receive an alert.

• Google has also made improvements to the already available stock share price. Now users can access it even more easily. Under this, users will now be able to share multiple videos at a time.