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Generally, there are many apps available in our smartphones, including apps, games, social media, editing, health, backing and many apps. But do you know that there are so many apps on the Google Play Store that have been launched by the government. After downloading these apps, you will be able to complete many tasks without running the race. Take a look at these apps.

10 Useful Apps Of Indian Government

The MySpeed App has been started on behalf of the government agency TRAI. With this help you can easily get to know the speed of your internet.

With the help of this app you can save your phone from the virus. The app protects your phone from stealing malware.

The PostInfo app has been started to simplify the postal department and its associated workings. With the help of this app, users can easily track their parcel on smartphone.

With the help of this app you can give your opinion and suggestions to the government. APE has been launched to reduce the distance between the government and the common people.

Sanitary App has been launched to make people aware about cleanliness. Many information related to hygiene in the app is given.

The full name of the amphit app is Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance. You can do many things with the help of this app, with the state government and municipal related departments. The app can be downloaded by visiting the Google Play Store. With the help of the app you can do more than 100 work at home.

There was a time when working in a passport was the most difficult thing to do. But now you can do many tasks related to passports with the help of just one app. With the help of this app, users can easily know the details of many things including their passport applications, process tracking.

The base for every basic thing is being made mandatory by the central government. Among the growing needs of the base, the M base app can be your big job. Through QR code in the app, users can easily share information related to their base.

Bhim App's full name is Bharat Interface for Money. This is a payment app. With the help of this app you can make money transfers and many types of payments.

Aaykar Setu: 
income tax levy has been launched for income tax and joining work. There are many features like online tax, PAN registration, tax calculator, in the app.