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Now news about Android malware is heard almost every week. This malware is attacked on the Google Play Store this time on the QR Code Reader App. This news came out in a report by Sophosłabs. It has been mentioned that 7 QR Code readers have malware on Google Play Store. Apart from the QR code app, some infected apps are also available on the Google Play Store.
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Which malware is? 
The name of the malware is Andr / HiddnAd-AJ. As the name suggests, this malware plays an ad on your phone. Malware waits for 6 hours before taking any kind of action. After that, when he plays full screen ads, it opens the ad on the webpage. Malware also sends notifications to users with links to the ad.
According to the report, the app affected by malware has been downloaded more than 500,000 times from Google Play Store. However Google has now removed it from the Play Store. This app also escaped safely from Google's scanning process. It was because of a code that was known. This happened because such codes used to work 6 hours after the download of the app. So they could not get the detective.
With such cases coming out, Google will improve its scanning process and make it even better. Even after such cases have surfaced, downloading apps from Google Play Store is better and safer than downloading from a third-party marketplace.
We're going to tell you 5 powerful antivirus apps that protect your phone's data. Also prevents malware from coming in the phone.

360 Degree Scan: Through this app you can delete the virus from the phone. The features of this are given, such as scanning files, deleting viruses from the phone etc. It also has an anti-theft feature, through which the lost device can be found.
Heavy Duty Avast: Nearly 100 million users have downloaded this app. This makes the phone scanned. This app deletes malware or virus from the phone.
Avira Antivirus Security: Despite being the new app, many people have downloaded it. It has features such as malware scans, real time protection. There are many new features like Stage Fright Advisor.
TrustGo Antivirus: This app is deleted from malicious viruses and malware by smartphones. It has a privacy guard that shows how apps in the phone are using the device.
Kaspersky Antivirus and Security: This app has been rated 4.7. This app protects user's user-generated data and protects the phone from malware or other viruses.