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Are you going to buy your first smartphone in 2018? If yes, then you must read this news. Before you buy smartphones, we are going to tell you about some of the things that can help you make your smartphone a smartphone of your choice.

The display

For the good visual experience, color depth and reality picture in the phone, it is important that your phone's display is HD or above. Color Experience and Real View require that your phone has a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels or more.

Aspect ratio

If you want good visual experiences, then you buy those smartphones that have Aspect Ratio 18: 9. Aspect ratio of 18: 9 makes your screen more realistic. If you prefer a bigger screen, the display of more than 5.8 inches will be right for you.


If highlights are given in your smartphone, then first of all check the battery of the phone. The smartphone battery should be 3,000 mAh or above. Less than this, your smartphone will give a low battery backup and you will not be able to enjoy your smartphone.

The camera

Dual camera is one of the increasing demands of the smartphone after the bezal less display. Although the Singer Rear Camera is also great if your camera is powerful, but the quality of the photo increases manifold if the phone has a dual camera. The demand for this feature can also be estimated from the fact that smartphone companies have started giving both dual rear and front camera in their products.


Many smartphones do not have the option of Micro SD card. In such a situation, the storage phone of 32 GB or more will be correct. With this you will not get to see the notification of low storage repeatedly.


With the help of RAM your phone works fast. The apps of your phone are loaded faster. Due to RAM, you will be able to make multi-tasking phones faster. If your phone is of high quality, then note that the phone's RAM is less than 3 GB.

Operating System

Android Oreo 8 is the latest operating system. In such a case, if your phone does not have this OS, then keep in mind that at least your phone will be the operating system of Android nogat.