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How Can I Make my Pendrive password protected?  You can not Store all your memories in the smartphone so that you also have a pen drive near you. In which all your data, such as your photos, videos or other essential files, will be kept. Sometimes your pendrive used by other people without your permission. In this case, arguably, you will also want to see that your personal things are not seen without your permission. Because of this, we are going to tell you an easy way to keep your personal data safe.
All this will be possible from Bitlocker encryption. how? So let's tell you about these easy steps.

How to Set Password In Pendrive

Step 1

Firstly, connect your pen drive to your computer. After this, scan the data of PenDrive completely.

Step 2

Then right click and click on turn on bitlocker. When you click, a window will open and close itself. After that the process will start.

Step 3

Now you will get two options in which you will get some options to lock your pen drive.

Step 4

Of these, you click on the Use a password to unlock the drive.

Step 5

Now set the password and tap on NEXT. After this there will be a window open which will be asked to save the bitlocker recovery key. Save it to you.

Step 6

Then you will be asked for the place where you want to save this recovery. Now, wherever you want to save the recovery, select and save. Let us know that you will be able to get this recovery after you have forgotten the password of your pen drive.

Step 7

Then another window will open where you have to click on NEXT. Click on NEXT until you have the Start Encrypting option.

Step 8

After the encryption is over, disconnect the pen drive and then connect it once. Now your pen drive will ask for password.

So you can set the password in your pen drive. It will not see any of your personal files except you.