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If you find that someone is not able to track you if you remove the battery of your smartphone then it seems wrong. According to media reports, Google can track your location even when you have removed from the battery phone. There is a mini IRC battery on top of the smartphone's motherboard. This battery is never switch off. This battery keeps track of your location. When you reconnect your phone to the Internet, this battery tells Google your entire day's location.

Location track even when there is no sim in the phone: Quartz revealed that Google has been collecting location information even after the location service is off from Android smartphones. Despite all the ongoing debates on data encryption and privacy, this news of Google's location data collection is surprising. According to the Quartz report, the user location is sent to Google by collecting the data of the running phones on the Android software. This information is collected even when the user closes the services or even when the SIM card is not in the phone.

Data collected from Google since 2017: The report found that Google is collecting data from the beginning of 2017. Quartz says that the company has said this report of data collection to be true. A company spokesman has said that steps will be taken to eliminate it.