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Here we are telling you a trick that will help you to make a dual SIM of your single SIM phone. For this you have to take a dual sim card adapter, which will allow you to connect two sims to your single SIM phone.

MagicSIM and Simore company make dual SIM card adapters. This SIM card adapter comes with a thin cable that connects to your single SIM card and you can connect two SIM cards in it. Amazon is getting these dual sim card adapters at $1.92.
IT Expert says that it can be done through dual sim adapters. But single SIM phones are not able to work with multiple networks simultaneously, in this case you have to manually switch SIM to Active Networkwork. This method can be adopted to use net or free calling from the second SIM.
> The cable that comes with this adapter can easily turn and a nano sim can connect with Microsymes.

>After inserting the Nano SIM Hub in the existing SIM card slot, it must attach to the back panel of the phone.
> You can use the back cover to hide the extra SIM in the phone.