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Usually, your mobile is locked too many times because of a wrong password, and after a while it gets unlocked, but in Shanghai, a 2-year-old child has locked the iPhone, after 47 years Will open Because of the wrong password entering, the iPhone has been locked for 25 million minutes that is 47 years old.

According to the report of Kankanews.com, China's Shanghai woman named Lu had left the Phone at home and when she came back she realized that her iPhone has been locked for 25 million minutes. Actually, the woman had left the phone near the child to watch the video. During this time the phone was locked and the child sometimes incorrectly entered the wrong password to unlock the phone.

At the same time, Technician of the Apple Store of Shanghai has said that the woman has two options to unlock the phone. First, to format the phone, but all the data will end in it and the other way is to wait for about 47 years.

Technician also said that before this, there was a case of locking the iPhone for 80 years. Please tell that the iOS devices are locked 6 times after entering the wrong password.