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There was a time when it came to video calling, remembering the name of a software or app, and that name was Skype. Given the popularity of Skype, Facebook also launched the Video Calling feature. Although initially many complaints were received from the users regarding its video feature, but the frequent updates from Facebook have reduced the user's complaints. Video calling features were also brought on Facebook-owned WhatsApp, which made users quite well. The quality and connectivity of the video is quite good on the app. In view of this, Facebook has also added video calling feature on its Messenger Lite app.

What's different from Facebook Messenger?
Many users were unable to use it due to the size and usage of Facebook messenger. In fact, the size of the Facebook Messenger app is also high and it consumes more data, in such a way that the users whose phones have low RAM and who want to avoid more data, Facebook launched the Lite Messenger app but for this There was no video calling feature in the app yet. The video calling feature has been added to this app by the company, after which the users using cheap smartphones and fewer data will be able to easily avail this facility.

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The size of the app is 10MB and it can be downloaded for free by visiting the Google Play Store. In the last year 2017, there were 17 million video chats, which was twice that of 2016. After this update of Facebook, it is expected that the use of video calling will be used in villages and small towns more quickly than before.