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Whatsapp is making some changes to beta release in Android. Whatsapp's latest beta update version for Android smartphones has been changed slightly to 2.18.74. Adaptive launcher icon support has been found in this. However, there has been no change in its icon design. Android WhatsApp users will now be able to change the size of the icons.
Users will be able to make automatic adjustments in five different sizes under latest WhatsApp beta update. Users will be able to change the icons in Circle, Square, Round Squared, Squirkle, and Teardrop. This change was first seen on the Android Police. According to the report- the icon is the same thing. Only one kind of mask has been installed on it, so its size can be changed.

How to use the feature: To use this feature right now you will have to enroll from Android smartphone to the Whatsapp beta version. If you already have a Whatsapp beta user, then you have to have the latest version of WhatSapp. If both of these methods do not work then you will have to wait for the official app to appear in this feature. Let us know, for this, users must have an Android launcher, which supports the Adaptive icon.

With this, another special change has been introduced in WhatsApp recently. Whatsapp users can now delete messages sent after more than an hour. This is because Whatsapp has updated the 'Delete for Everywhere' feature.

After this update, users can now delete a message after 4,096 seconds, or about 68 minutes and 16 seconds. So far, users could only delete the message within 7 minutes.

According to WABetaInfo, this new update is available on the Whatsapp v2.18.69 Beta version, which means that this update is only for Android's Beta users only. However, the common users will have to wait a few days for this update. Apart from this, Vice message locking and sticker pack size display will also be available soon.