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Google has launched Google Home and Home Mini Smart Speakers. These products from Google will give the echo and echo dot speakers in front of the Amazon 6 months ago. Now there are two different types of smart speakers available in India. One of these works on Google Assistant, the other works on Amazon Alexa.

Where services being provided by Google is far better than Amazon's services. But there are still plenty of things in the Google Home speakers that users may feel short on. There are many features in both competitors that are similar, such as - traffic updates, weather, sports updates, music controls, etc. But there are some other features that Google has to work on compared to Amazon Alexa.

Let us know, the points mentioned above are comparison between Google Assistant and Alexa on speaker sets:

Shipment tracking: Amazon Alexa can track the package you ordered from the speaker while working on your voice command. At the same time, Google tracks delivery from your smartphone, but in terms of speaker it is lacking in this feature right now.

Cab Booking: If you want to book a cab without touching your smartphone, Alexa can do this. In India, Uber and Ola Cab can be called out of the house without opening an app on the phone. But Google Home can not do this right now

Excerpt of Third-Party Skills: Amazon Alexa comes with many skill sets. This allows the voice assistant to perform tasks. Google Home also comes with Alex's winning skill sets. But it does not work as much as Alex does.

Setting up the scales: Amazon Alexa and Google Home are both capable of lights off. That means you will not have to go off the lights yourself. There are some similar tests which can do both assistants. Alexa is different from Google Assistant in this case because apart from these tasks, the set of scales for Alexa can also be done. For example - if you want your home lights off at 6 o'clock, Alexa is able to do this. At the same time, Google Assistant can not do this right now.

Train Seat Availability: In addition to other skills in Alexa, you can check tickets, if you enable railway skills, check availability of seats can come. However, Google Assistant can not do this right now