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Google is going to make major changes to Gmail Assuming reports, Gmail's look will change after new updates. With this, many new features can be included in Gmail. Actually Google recently sent a mail to one of its Gmail suite users. Mail says that Google is going to introduce a new web version of Gmail.

Features In New Update:

Users can find many new features in Gmail's new updates. After updates, users will be able to access Google Calendar directly from Gmail in Gmail's new look. This will make the users who use Outlook easy enough.

These will be new features - Users can see these new features in Gmail's new updates.


Users will be able to snooze any new mail. These features will work exactly like snooze alarms. With this feature, snoozed email will start showing in your box after some time. Due to this feature, users will be able to remove mail from Inboxes, which can not be retrieved immediately.

Auto Reply

After new updates, users of iPhone and Android will be able to activate the option of auto-reply to their Gmail.


Fleet mail will also be improved in Gmail. Like Google Maps, Google has been working on Google's ability to make offline features even better. However, no official announcement has been made on behalf of Google from the new design.