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Before downloading an app on a smartphone, have you ever thought that hackers can steal your information through these apps? Do you ever fear your information being stolen while logged in on social media? These questions are so important because a recent report has started a new debate over the information of users around the world.

In fact, a firm named Cambridge Anilica tampered with data from millions of users of Facebook. The firm used it to influence the 2016 US presidential election. Since then several speculation has been taken.

How could your information stolen?

Explain in easy language When you log in to a social networking site, you are asked for some information from you. Such as name, address, email id, contact number etc. By completing these information, you create an account on any social media platform. In such a way, third party applications on social media, which you have known or unknowingly, have used your information. The danger here is that hackers can steal your information through these third party apps. Not only this hackers can misuse these information too.

Similar smartphones are for downloading apps. Apps ask you to access your contact numbers, media galleries and many things according to their service. If hackers take this information, then you may suffer a lot.

About this, Altaf Hald, chief of Network Intelligence, has given a statement. He said, "Users should be careful not only on social media platforms but also about information given to third-party apps on their smartphones"

In response to their statement, they gave examples that users download any gaming app from Google Play Store. The app asks them to read the contact or message from them. Altaf Halde responded by saying, "People generally do not pay attention to what the gaming app has to do with your message or contact list, its effect can be against us too."

Experts say Facebook's event is a lesson for users. If data can be stolen from a company like Facebook, hackers can misuse your personal data through third party apps.