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Do you know that you can download all your Facebook data? But then the question will arise why we do this? 
By downloading Facebook data you can save your data from losing cyber attack. By downloading Facebook data, you will know which content you have saved on Facebook. You can restore your posts, photos and videos in this easy way. Simply put, these data can be useful to you when you need it. The biggest thing is that after knowing this process, you will not be afraid of getting deleted from Facebook. Know about these 10 easy ways,

Step 1

Visit your Facebook settings.

Step 2

Here you will see a copy of your facebook data option, click on it.

Step 3

After this you will see a pop up, which will have a Start My Archive button. Click on this button.

Step 4

Here you will get the Request My Download Pop Up Click Start My Archive here.

Step 5

After this, Facebook will tell you that your information will be given on your mail when your content will be ready for download. Click Ok option.

Step 6

There will be a mail from Facebook on your register mail id. If you do not see in the Inbox, you can see the mail by clicking on the Social tab.

Step 7

Here Facebook gives you two options, one can see if the content is downloading. The second Facebook asks you whether you requested to download data on Facebook. If you believe that someone has sent this request to your Facebook, then you can immediately lock your account.

Step 8

By clicking the first link, you can find information related to downloading.

Step 9

On completion of the download you will get notifications on Facebook Click on it.

Step 10

You will see a pop up. Click on Download Archive option here. After this, a Zip File will be downloaded on which you will be able to see all your information.