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After quite a while, Apple has completely changed the old design strategy with the iPhone X and set a new trend. Now, other companies are copying the features given in the iPhone X, especially the Nokia. Apple is in the process of doing something similar in the coming time. According to a Bloomberg report, the company can completely change the future iPhone.

Bloomberg's report says two major changes were made in the iPhone. It includes the touch screen gesture control and the iPhone with the curved screen. According to the report, Apple is testing a technology that can be used without touching the iPhone's user interface. That means the screen will only work from the finger gesture at the top of the screen.

Bloomberg has described this feature as an air gesture, and under it iPhone users will be able to touch some screens without touching the screen and only with finger gestures. However, this technology can not be given to customers so fast and it can take up to two years.

In addition to touch screen gestures, another feature is mentioned in the report which is a curved screen. The curved screen is not new in smartphones, but Samsung already uses the curved olead screen in its flagship smartphone. Although in Bloomberg's report it has been said that the curved screen given in the iPhone will be different from Samsung. There will be a curved screen from top to bottom, while the side curve display is provided in Samsung.

According to the report, both of these features are in the early stages of testing and it is possible that after the testing, the company will not give it to the iPhone. The company has not said anything yet.