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Now after the end of all rumors and speculation, testing of 13-digit mobile number has begun. The Department of Telecom has issued 13-digit numbers to telecom companies. This trial is being done for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. If machine-to-machine communication is understood in simple terms, then it is a kind of communication between devices like smart power meter and car tracking device. So now you do not need to panic about the 13-digit mobile number.

Testing at the number of these telecom companies

The telecom department has issued 13-digit numbers for public sector telecom company BSNL, private telecom company Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, Idea Cellular and Vodafone for the testing process. All these companies have been issued number 13 units for machine-to-machine communication on behalf of the department.

What was the rumor about the news?

Various rumors spread over the last 13 days with the number of mobile numbers. In such a situation, the users felt that their mobile number would be 13 digits rather than 10 digits. These rumors got the strength when a letter issued by the Department of Telecom was presented incorrectly by several media sites. While on the side of the information department it was clearly written in that letter that the 13-digit test would be for the machine-to-machine sim card only.

Do you know about these things?

Machine to machine sim card is used in automated machines. Most of the machine-to-machine sim cards are in machines that run on network connectivity. These machines range from small gadgets to large machines, but these machines require internet or mobile network connectivity to work.