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After the data of Facebook's data theft, questions have arisen on the instant messaging app WhatsApp. In this case, Whatsapp has made a distance from the beginning of Facebook. Whatsapp has said in this case that the app collects a lot of data on the users and all incoming messages are end-to-end encrypted. However, regardless of its terms and conditions, even though your messages are safe, WhatsApp still collects some of your data and shares it with Facebook.

Whatsapp Payment provides via the feature Information: In the earlier report, Whatsapp spokeswoman said that the app did not keep records of the messages you made to friends or family. WhoseSpe has introduced the UPI payment feature cook time ago. Users can send money through a virtual payment address. Its system reaches WETSAP and then UPi through payment service provider and thus the transaction is completed.

For payment, WhatsApp has to collect some information from the users. Whitsap collects payment transaction information. This includes information about another person's VPA, transaction amount and date and time information. According to whatsapp terms, which we all do without freewill / agri, the collected information is shared with Facebook, including third-party service providers.

There is no statement from the company about this. For the moment, it is a matter of concern that users' financial data is being shared with Facebook. Facebook is able to track how much money the users are spending, how many times they are doing, and where they are. It can be used to create more database profiles of that kind, which has affected 2 billion Facebook users.